Ray-Tech Mini Tech

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The Ray-Tech Mini Tech is a walk-behind heater. The heating chamber is 42”L x 48”W and is mounted on a steel tubing frame with four wheels for ease of maneuverability.

The Mini Tech features a 42”L x 48”W heater with one single 115V blower motor. This machine is the perfect size for driveways, parking lots and potholes.

Power Source Options – The Mini Tech comes standard with a 115V blower motor which requires the customer to provide an extension cord and generator during the work day. To make this machine self-contained, you can choose the “24V Operation” option which does away with the generator by providing two batteries and a charging system instead.

Standard Features:

  • One 115V blower motor powered by customer supplied generator.
  • Completely stainless steel heating chamber.
  • Ray-Tech unique heating converters for fastest and most efficient heating.
  • Two 40 lb propane cylinders.
  • Steel tubing frame.
  • Two high-heat resistant rear wheels; one with a foot brake.
  • Two front swivel steel caster wheels.
  • Hand held torch holder.
  • Easy lighting by turning on the blower motor and touching a torch to the converters.

Available Options:

  • 24V Operation – 24V blower motor and batteries with a charging system to replace standard 115V setup. Requires overnight charging instead of generator during the day.
  • Winch Kit – Manual winch mounted on frame to assist with loading on trailer.
  • Carrying Vehicle Attachment Kit – Stabilizer bars, light strip with wiring and pins to mount heater onto the rear of a Ray-Tech reclaimer trailer. All 2018 and later reclaimer trailers are built with receiver brackets standard.
  • Aluminum Wind Guards – Set of wind guards to protect against wind or burning of nearby grass, plantings, vehicles, buildings, etc.