Cimline M4A Longitudinal Joint Sealer

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  • First and only towable VRAM (Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane) applicator that does not require a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License)
  • Fog sealing of profiled milled features such as rumble strips paint lines are easy to seal with the MA4
  • Saves you money by enabling you to take control of longitudinal joint sealing
  • Faster and simpler logistics on every project when you control this step of the paving process
  • Control the pace. Only seal what is needed for the day so motorists are not exposed to slick centerlines


  • Works well with bulk material and material in solid block form
  • Basic set up and easy operation with Cimline automated controls
  • Application bar can be set to specified width and material application rate in seconds
  • Indicator lights tell the driver when the system is active and speed matches specifications


Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Material Capacity: 410 gal. (1,552 l.)
Engine HP:25 Diesel
Heating Method:Diesel
Heat Rating: 400,000 BTU
Material Pump:20GPM (76 LPM)
GVWR:9,520 lbs. (4,318 kg.)
GAWR:10,000 lbs. (4,536 kg.)
Axles/ Suspension: 2 (torsion type)

Brake Type: Electric(available with surge brakes)
Loading Height: 54 in.(1372 mm.)
Loading Doors: Single Curbside
Fuel Capacity: 33 gal.(125 l.)
Hydraulic Capacity: 33 gal.(125 l.)
Heat Transfer Oil: 40 gal.(151 l.)
Dimensions: 266 x 90 x 90 in. (4699x 2286 x 2286 mm)
Shipping Weight : 7,000 lb.(3,175 kg.)
Warranty: Two Year Limited