Cimline M1 Crack Sealer Machine

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150 Gallons of Material Capacity

Our most popular asphalt crack sealer model. With 150-gallon capacity. Get the performance of the bigger model in a smaller package with single axle that can be towed with a ½ ton pick-up truck. See the general guidelines below to match your requirements:

• Your work consists of some parking lots but mostly road/municipal work.
• Your lane miles supported are less than 50 miles.
• Average daily production of 3-4 lane miles or less.


  • Lowest load height in the pavement maintenance industry optimizes operator safety
  • Safer road crack sealing machine operation with noise levels up to 40% lower
  • Simplify training with easy-to-use automatic controls
  • Superior ergonomics with either the new M-Series Lightweight wand or Dripless wand and heated hose


  • Wide selection of models with up to a 410-gallon material capacity and several industry-leading options
  • Best operating range with Cimline’s no-stress boom swivel
  • Environmentally friendly and compliant Tier IV diesel engine that is high performance while maximizing fuel economy
  • Easy, ergonomic material loading with a large door and low loading height
  • Cimline has excellent flow control using with Cimline’s digital flow control system
  • Cimline’s new heated hose has 66% greater heat wrap coverage than the previous hose
  • New Lightweight wand with best in class ergonomics for fatigue free all day crack sealing
  • Dripless wand delivers the utmost in material control when appearance and minimizing material waste is important

Material Capacity: 150 Gallons (568 Liters)
Engine: 25 hp, 40 Compressor Model
Heating Method: Diesel
Material Heating Rating: 250,000 BTUs
Material Pump: 20 gpm (76 lpm)
GVWR: 5200 lbs (2359 kg)
GAWR: 7000 lbs (3175 kg)
Axles/ Suspension: 1 Torsion

Brake Type: Electric, Available With Surge Brakes
Loading Height: 50 in (1270 mm)
Loading Doors: Single Curbside
Fuel Capacity: 33 Gallons (125 Liters)
Hydraulic Capacity: 33 Gallons (125 Liters)
Heat Transfer Oil: 22 Gallons (83 Liters)
Dimensions (l x w x h):
152” x 82” x 93”
Shipping Weight : 4,200 lb.(1,905 kg)