Our Most Popular LeeBoy Pavers

LeeBoy Asphalt Paver 1000G

Ambrose Pick #1

Why do we love this paver?

This paver is a great place to start! Are you a smaller company or just starting out? The LeeBoy 1000G is a quality machine for an affordable price.

The LeeBoy 1000G boasts the gravity-feed tilt hopper that can be raised to a steeper level than any other paver in its class, allowing for optimum material flow. With it’s sleek design and more compact build, you’ll achieve a smaller footprint that delivers large results.

  • Entry-level paver
  • Quality model for an affordable price
  • Perfect for smaller companies
LeeBoy 1000G - Front
LeeBoy 1000g - BACK
LeeBoy 1000G - Side

LeeBoy 8510E

Ambrose Pick #2

The LeeBoy 8510E is a staple among commercial paving contractors. This machine delivers precise asphalt placement resulting in a flawless mat. If you desire an all-around commercial paving machine that’s made for longer wear and unmatched results, this is the machine for you.

  • Mix of commercial & driveway work
  • Lower cost per ton
  • Comprised of robust components for longer wear
LeeBoy 8510E
LeeBoy 8510E - Back
LeeBoy 8510E - Side

LeeBoy 8530

Ambrose Pick #3

We’ve set a new standard in heavy-commercial paving! The LeeBoy 8530 comes with new exciting features truly designed for a paving professional including the 4,150 lb Legend HD PRO Screed with spring-loaded end gates, front adjustable conveyor chains, pivoting dual seating and controls, and much more.

  • Newest Model!
  • Perfect for commercial work
  • NEW Legend HD PRO Screed
LeeBoy 8530
LeeBoy 8530 - Back
LeeBoy 8530