Leeboy 4130 Road Widener

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The 4130 road widener is a versatile machine that meets your road widening needs. The narrow width design allows for shipping without a permit while shiftable conveyor and foldable hopper wings allow precise placement of material to either side of the machine. Operator console easily shifts from side-to-side and allows a clear view into the front hopper and of the material flow to the strike-off. A tilting front hopper improves trailer load angle to 14.5⁰. Extendable push rollers insure a variety of trucks can be used to feed the hopper.

Key Features:

• Shipping width 8’-6“ with strike offs mounted on both sides
• Tilt up hopper for 14.5 degree loading angle
• 24” wide heat resistant chain drive conveyor belt
• Hydraulic extendable push roller
• Place material from 12” above or below grade
• Conveyor shifts 18” to either side
• Contoured strike off

Optional Equipment:

• 130 hp engine option
• Dual strike-off group
• 1’ (.3 m) contoured strike-off section
• 3’ (.9 m) contoured strike-off section
• 2-3’ (.6-.9 m) telescoping contoured strike-off section, requires dual strike-off group, only one mounted per side
• TopCon P-32 system controls – single grade and slope, sonic
• 4 wheel drive with 4 wheel steering, requires 130hp option
• Washdown system with 2 hose reels and 7 gallon (26 l) tank
• Umbrella

Job Applications:

• Placing aggregate material for shoulders to grade and slope to widths of 8’
• Placing asphalt material for shoulders to grade and slope to widths of 8’
• Placing drain rock for trench drains on roadsides
• Placing aggregate for utility work back filling