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The MC 550/650 Curb Machines are the bread and butter of all the models we make. They are very versatile curb machines that are designed to handle everything from extruding curb in a parking lot, trench curb, barn curb or curbing along a city street, county road or highway. The only difference between the 2 models is the 550 has a 13 HP Honda recoil start engine and the 650 has a 13 HP Honda electric start engine.

For over fifty years the Miller MC Series Curbers have offered unequaled performance and versatility for the placement of freestanding curb. These simple and efficient self-propelled machines operate on the extrusion principle and provide the most economical means available of constructing small to mid-sized continuous curb from either concrete or asphalt.

This quick and efficient process drastically reduces the high labor costs associated with hand formed and poured curb and produces high quality, extremely dense curb at a rate of up to 15 fpm (up to 30 fpm for MC900). Miller’s exclusive interchangeable extrusion auger assemblies give each Curber the capacity to extrude more shapes and sizes than any machine in its class, from 3-1/2″ to 18″ high curb.

A wide variety of options allow these machines to meet the toughest specification work.

Key Features:

• Every model will extrude concrete or asphalt
• Four interchangeable extrusion assemblies with auger diameters from 5″ to 10″
• Extrude from right or left side of the machine
• Place curb within 1″ of an obstacle
• Extrude steel rod through the curb center (optional hollow auger assembly)
• Extrude over pins (optional form)
• Two-piece 5″, 6″ and 8″ cast auger allowing four separate wear surfaces for extended life
• Easy access and removal of all extrusion components for maintenance and quick clean-up
• Nearly 2,000 curb choices with custom shapes available at no additional cost.

*Machine price reflects one curb mold of customer’s choice



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