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Dynapac CC1300 Double Drum Roller


DYNAPAC’S ARTICULATED COMPACT TANDEM ROLLER – the Dynapac CC1300 – is designed for compaction on city streets where size and noise matter most. The roller has an operating weight of 4 tons and is available with double steel vibratory drums or one vibration drum and four static rubber tires – a combi version.
All models feature design improvements and a Kubota engine, which is quieter than ever.

The double drum model feature vibration and drive on both drums. A large drum diameter makes them especially effective on soft asphalt. The ratio of drum diameter to static linear load reduces the risk of cracks. The CC1300 is perfect for urban areas, streets and roads. The roller is also suitable for compacting sub-bases and bases and has the capacity to follow a small paver.

Three separate filters in the sprinkler water system ensure no clogged sprinkler nozzles. The entire system can be drained easily without special tools. Filters for  hydraulic fluid, engine oil and fuel are easily accessible. Modularity is one of the corner-stones when it comes to building Dynapac rollers.These are built from a lot of existing parts. That means parts will be available in the future and that these models will be offered for several years to come – thus underscoring the high second-hand value of Dynapac equipment.

An optional sideways sliding seat and operator-friendly dual front and reverse controls improve visibility for better control and better compaction. The ample  clearance at the edge of the drums makes this true even close to high curbs. The series feature a new control panel and low noise and vibration levels to reduce operator fatigue. A low center of gravity keeps the machines stable, and sturdy handgrips and steps enable safe boarding. An interlock system prevents the engine from accidentally starting. An automatic brake lock is applied if the engine stops in the event of failure in the hydraulic or electric brake circuits.

Dynapac develops and manufactures products with the goal of sustainability: low operating costs and long-lasting quality equipment that creates high-quality results for the companies who use Dynapac. These articulated small tandem asphalt rollers are no exception. The rollers are powered by a water-cooled Kubota diesel engine. The Dynapac CC1300 proves 33 kW of power. The low noise level benefits the operator and the surroundings, especially during night work. Long service intervals mean fewer oil changes and less money spent on routine maintenance. The corrosion-free water tanks are made of impact-resistant and recyclable  polyethylene plastic. As an option, the machines can be equipped with biodegradable hydraulic oil.







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