Top 5 Winterization Tips for Asphalt Pavers

Winterization Tips

Winterization Tips for Asphalt Pavers

It’s been a long year and your machines have done a lot of work. Start the new year off with fully serviced machines that are ready to go. Check out our list of recommended winter services to keep your asphalt equipment in pristine condition.

Winter Service

Our Top 5 Winter Service Tips

The days are shorter and 2022 is approaching fast. Make sure you have all of the tools to start the new year off right! Whether that’s new equipment, parts, or accessories, we’ve got you covered at Ambrose Equipment. See below for our Top 5 Winterization Tips to get your equipment ready for another busy year.

Winterization Tip 1

1. Fill With Proper Lubricants and Check Fluid Levels Before Each Use

In advance of the impending winter cold, fill the fluid compartments with lubricants of the proper viscosity. Check all fluid levels prior to starting the machine to ensure proper levels.

Winterization Tip 2

2. Keep Equipment Stored Inside Enclosed Facilities

Throughout the weeks and months when your machines are not in use, store everything inside an enclosed facility. This way, the machines will be protected from the wintertime elements. For best results, remove any attachment parts and store them separately. Furthermore, keep all fluids specially stored in a room-temperature setting to protect the viscosity.

Winterization Tip 3

3. Use a Block Heater to Warm the Engine

For most outdoor machines, the quickest way to warm the engine is with the use of a block heater, which can raise the temperatures of interior components and hydraulic fluid. To make this process as fast as possible, block the flow of the engine fan from the radiator as you warm the machine.

Winterization Tip 4

4. Keep Batteries Charged and Warm

When temperatures drop below normal, a battery needs double the number of cranking amps to power on a machine. In order to make the startup process easier on the battery, keep it charged and sufficiently warm throughout the winter months. If the temperatures in your area drop to sub zero levels, remove the battery from the machine and store it in a room-temperature setting during weeks when the machine is not in use.

Winterization Tip 5

5. Run the Engine Continuously Until it Reaches Operating Temperature

Before you put a machine to use, run it in idle until the engine reaches full operating temperature. This way, you’ll prevent sticking in the valves of the intake and exhaust systems. As you run the machine along your yard or driveway, activate each of the functions for a minute to distribute oil throughout the machine body. This step will give the machine a workout, so to speak, and help keep the engine and its functions in proper working condition.

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