Spring Service Checklist

Spring Service Checklist

Spring Service Checklist

Winter is FINALLY coming to an end! As things start to warm up, make sure you and your machines are ready for the busy season. Here is our checklist of machine maintenance to get done for spring.

Check These Off Your List!

Follow our Spring Service Checklist and you’ll be ready to go! By the time busy season is here, your team and fleet of machines will be prepared for anything.

Are your machines due for service?

1. Check Hours / Dates of Last Service Done

Make sure to stay up to date on services on your machines! If service is due, give our service department a call and they’ll help you with all of your service needs. 

Check all grease fittings

2. Grease All Grease Fittings & Apply Anti-seize on Extension Slides

Check Chain Tensions

3. Check Chain Tensions

Remember to check chain tensions on conveyor chains, conveyor drive chains, and auger drive chains — loose chains can lead to poor function of the auger or conveyor chain damage during operation.

Check Screed Plates

4. Check Screed Plate Wear

Excessive wear on screed plates can lead to poor mat quality. Make sure to check this one off your list to avoid problems down the line!

Angle Screws

5. Ensure the Attack Angle Screws are Free and Functioning Correctly

Clean machine

6. Clean Your Machine!

Your machines are put through a lot. Make sure to clean them, specifically the material build up under the hopper.

Spare Parts

7. Have Spare Parts on Hand

Always make sure to cover you and your team with having spare parts on hand for your machines. Filters and belts are important!!

Confirm all safety functions

8. Confirm all Safety Functions are Operating Correctly

For more information on booking a service appointment, contact our team or call us at (603) 945-1520.

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