Salsco TP44

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Salsco TP44-TD Mini-Paver


TP44-TD Mini-Track Paver

The TP44-TD Easily Adjusts to Pave Different Widths.  The TP44-TD can pave anything from 6″ to 5′ wide, & can even pave widths as narrow as 6″ with cut off plates inside the hopper,  & up to 7′ with optional screed extensions.  One convenient detail to note is that The TP44-TD Is Specifically Designed to Drop Into a 48″ trench.

Hopper dimensions in the loading position are 38-1/2″ Wide x 69-1/2″ Long.Extra Large Drive Motors for years of Services

6″ – 5′ Standard Paving Width + Optional Screed Extensions up to 7′ Wide

Hydraulic Tilt Split Hopper – Extra Large Cut Off Door Inside the Hopper – Hydraulic End-Gates

Designed with Service & Maintenance in Mind

Clean Simple Basic Design