Rosco Maximizer 3B

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With a larger fully circulating extending spray bar, the Maximizer 3B has the ability to cover a wide area in an extremely efficient manner. Admired by contractors and municipalities alike, this trusted machine always delivers an accurately consistent end result. With the aid of a large color monitor, operators can monitor vitals, oversee the variable width and rate control or engage the enviro-flush clean out system among others. The Maximizer 3B is a highly versatile piece of equipment designed with the end user in mind.

Key Features:

• Circulating spraybar, 8’ to 16’ variable
• Viking asphalt pump, bi-directional
• Computerized application control
• Auto cleanout system
• Thermostatically controlled burners


Optional Equipment:

• Installation for a customer supplied truck chassis
• PTO transmission (required if not using front live power)
• LPG burner in lieu of diesel burner [includes 52 gallon (197 l) LP tank]
• LPG burners with electronic ignition, 100% outfire protection and heat control
• Diesel burners with outfire protection and heat limit control
• Heated asphalt pump
• Washdown system with pump and hose, self-winding hose reel
• Spraybar extensions, 1’ (.305 m) lengths (max 4 each)
• Spraybar extensions, 2’ (.610 m) lengths (max 2 each)
• Loading hose, 3” x 15’ (76 mm x 4.572 m) flexible steel with quick couplers
• Loading hose, 3” x 15’ (76 mm x 4.572 m) rubber with quick couplers
• Hose trough for loading hose
• LED working lights, qty 4
• Beacon light
• Frame mounted toolbox
• Extra fender mounted toolbox
• Wet storage box
• Full width mud flap
• Hot oil option
• Electric overnight heat, 240V single phase
• Radar horn in lieu of GPS
• Nozzle selection

Job Application:

• Tack coating
• Chip sealing/surface treating
• Shoulder repairs
• Fog sealing

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