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RP-195 Rubber Track Asphalt Paver


The RP-195e/ex is a powerful, rubber-track paver made for highway work. Seats of the dual operator stations can move out beyond the sides of the machine to give the operator an excellent view down the sides of the machine. The four-way hydraulically adjustable operator seats feature a ride control tension system for ultimate comfort. Noise levels of Roadtec pavers are among the lowest in the industry thanks to variable speed fans. Roadtec pavers come equipped with standard fume extraction systems for the operator area.

Like all Roadtec pavers, the RP-195e features Roadtec’s exclusive anti-segregation design of the feed tunnel, the feed tunnel discharge, and the rear augers.

All Roadtec pavers feature a 13 inch high conveyor opening for excellent throughput and have bolt-in wear resistant liners. Each conveyor is independently driven so material delivery can be fine tuned for each side. The space between the conveyors has been minimized which allows mix to be conveyed out as one uniform flow, greatly reducing segregation. The augers can be controlled independent of the conveyors to decrease the pile at the end of each pull.

The Delta Plate defines the front wall of the material tunnel, preventing mix from rolling forward under paver, a main cause of center-line segregation. It also removes mix from the conveyors providing better conveyor efficiency.

The seats and controls mounted to the seat station hydraulically slide out past the side of the machine for increased visibility. The entire assembly also pivots so the operator can position themselves as to see not only down the side of the machine but also back to the screed and down to the material tunnel.

All Roadtec Asphalt Pavers start with an extremely strong frame completely fabricated, welded and assembled by us. This gives us complete control over the design and quality of the build.

All Roadtec Asphalt Pavers use Sauer DanfossĀ® Series 90 hydraulic pumps for propel and material feed. These large easily serviced pumps allow the entire hydraulic circuit to run extremely cool greatly prolonging the life and lowering the maintenance costs of all components.

The cooling package on Roadtec pavers is mounted on the side of the paver where it can get the cleanest and coolest air. The radiators are also rated for higher horsepower engines and the fan is controlled hydraulically. The fan can run at the optimal speed depending on the load, which reduces noise levels emitted by the paver.

Roadtec tracked pavers have a fully oscillating track frame to provide a smooth ride and lay a smoother mat.

The auger assembly on Roadtec pavers can be hydraulically raised and lowered. This feature can assist in eliminating segregation in certain mixes and is very helpful during the loading and unloading process as well as constructing “supers”. Standard sonic feed sensors control each side of the feed system. Each auger is driven by its own motor and the auger chain case width has been minimized to the smallest amount available to further eliminate center-line segregation.

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