Buying a Used Paver

Used LeeBoy Pavers

Is a Used Paver Worth It?

Is cash in your pocket a good thing? We think so!

Whether you are in the market for your first paver or an additional piece of equipment a used paver is like instant cash in your pocket. The money saved in depreciation is an immediate shot in the arm to your bottom line. Instant equity is king.

Immediate Return on Investment

A used asphalt paver is an opportunity to decrease your upfront investment and keep more of your available credit open for other expenses and investments. Additionally you are potentially in a good position to pay cash for a used paver if that’s an option for you.

What the salesmen in particular like about used pavers is it’s actually an opportunity to try a model you might have ruled out. Ryan Falkenham, one of the sales representatives points out, “If a customer decides the used paver isn’t a good fit the trade value on a well maintained paver is typically still very good, the depreciation is incremental versus a new paver.” Ryan goes on to point out, “This dramatically reduces risk for many customers.”

As the top LeeBoy dealer in the country as well as your local Roadtec dealer, there are multiple options for expanding your fleet of equipment and business with decreased upfront cost.

Owner Jeff Lothrop stated, “Buying used has been one of the best ways to introduce the LeeBoy brand of pavers to customers who have had other pavers like Weiler, which is sold by Caterpillar, as well as Malden and Carlson pavers.  I have always maintained that LeeBoy is the industry leader with unmatched trade-in value.”

Ambrose Inspection Checklist

What's Under the Hood.. Or Rather, the Hopper?

Who you buy from could be the make or break of what you get. Speaking of break.  The professionals at Ambrose Equipment will walk you through their detailed inspection and servicing of all used pavers.  A thorough servicing ensures the wear parts like the screed, augers and conveyor chains have been properly inspected for longevity or replaced if needed.

Whether you are purchasing your first asphalt paver or an additional paver, the team at Ambrose Equipment is here to build a relationship with you.  The quality of the equipment and service after the sale are the cornerstones of their customer commitment.

Check out our “inspection checklist” the next time you are in the market for a used paver.  This is a valuable tool to make sure you are asking all the right questions whether you shop with Ambrose Equipment or elsewhere.

Keeping You Laying Mix

Highly skilled service technicians are a must regardless of where you buy your paver. A lack of parts and available service can bring your business to the same screeching halt as your broken paver. Ambrose Equipment prides itself on having a fully stocked parts warehouse, their promise is to keep you paving.

Highly trained and specialized technicians in their first-class service department, led by Service Manager, Brandon Lothrop, elevates your experience.  “Proper preventative maintenance is the key to keeping all equipment running with little to no disruption whether it’s new or used” says Brandon, “customers who are proactive have the most productive seasons and ultimately the most profitable season.”

When things do break, and they will, the service department at Ambrose Equipment can service your equipment on site. This has become one of the benefits of doing business with an industry leader, LeeBoy’s number one dealer in the country maintains the gold standard of LeeBoy service and brings it directly to you to minimize downtime.

Lipstick On a Pig?

You are a savvy buyer but we’d be remiss in not encouraging you to know who you are buying from. A clean paver with a new set of decals can look great but could be a world of headaches and cost for you. Do your homework and ask the right questions. Use our inspection list when searching for your next used paver. Our website has our used LeeBoy pavers listed as well as other high quality pre-owned equipment.

Find Your Used Paver Today!

Start growing your business today. If its additional equipment or your first asphalt paver, you have untapped potential when you are limited. Industry leading equipment, unmatched customer service, in stock parts and on-road service are four pillars of commitment that Ambrose Equipment brings to each and every customer.

30 years of trust and credibility is here for you. Your success is our success. Contact the sales professionals at Ambrose Equipment, call 603-644-8787and find your used paver today.

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