Ray-Tech WorkHorse Pro

New Equipment
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The HeatWave WorkHorse PRO is identical to the WorkHorse model but will also include a Mini Tech walk behind heater with a 42″ x 48″ heating chamber. The Mini Tech will be loaded onto the trailer via the aluminum ramps and a hand winch.

This model is propane fired (both reclaimer and Mini Tech will run on propane).

Standard Features:

  • Fully automatic ignition with the flip of a switch.
  • Timers and thermostats for reclaiming and holding operation.
  • Time Delay System (TDS) for presetting the time box will automatically turn on.
  • Two 6,000 lb axles with electric brakes on each wheel.
  • Two manually operated discharge doors at rear of unit.
  • Two manually operated loading doors that form a chute.
  • Two LED work lights (one on front and one on back).
  • LED arrow board on back of reclaimer.
  • 12 volt battery with charger system for easy charging overnight.
  • Sloped hopper walls to steer asphalt down and out to the discharge doors.


  • Two 35,000 BTU burners located under hopper.
  • Two 40 LB propane cylinders.

Mini Tech:

  • 24V operation via two 12V batteries w/ built in battery charger.
  • Two 40 LB propane cylinders.

Available Options:

  • Hydraulic Dump – Hydraulically dumps to rear of trailer via standalone pump and dual hydraulic pistons.
  • Hand Tool Package – Includes rake, lute, broom, shovel, tamper, wheelbarrow, cone storage, cones and rinse tank.
  • Extras Package – Includes water tank and propane hand torch.
  • Mini Tech Upgrade – Increase the Mini Tech heater size to 42″ x 78″.


  • Length: 19′ 6″
  • Width: 8′ 6″
  • Height: 7′ 9″
  • GVW: 9,995 lbs